Without a Smartphone, life will be happier

Have you ever thought about quitting a smartphone? This can be frustrating, but you’ll be happy to be able to balance your social life. Maybe, you will have a happier life?

A 22-year-old girl cried for suicide because her mother did not allow her boyfriend. Her friends don’t know anything, because she simply “doesn’t see it online”.

Well, it turns out everything in this world has to be “online” to come true. If not “compiled tus”, no one cares what happened, not even with his close friends.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Smartphone

With the phone in hand, there was nothing left to say to each other. Is it true that in the “virtual world”, people can share many stories. But in real life, it is unlikely that they will be patient enough to spend a few hours in person. So are you happy enough without a smartphone?

On the first day, she felt like something was very unsettling. She did not know what her friends and relatives were doing on social networks, what was out there in the world outside.

The second day, she felt uncomfortable. No more pressing times for a girl who just posted a bath photo for her dog. She also does not have Instagram surfing.

Returning home, trying to continue not using a smartphone made her unlike “the rest of society”. That are differences and anomalies.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

That feeling, Nhi remembered extremely, she decided to give up, return to her daily life with the buttons like, share, interact with friends.

Someone once said that smartphones are a wave, social networks are a trend. But now, it looks more like culture. There, everyone got caught up in the phone screen.

Then when you realize, you’re really startled: Are you addicted to social networks? Is there any? Hard to explain.

Leaving social networks, not continuing to immerse yourself in the tasteless news feed, is challenging. But until it can be done, people have to say that life is not smartphone interesting like this

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