Why lions are always dominant in the animal world

The newly born lion will be pushed down by the parent lion to the cliff so that they have to find a way to crawl up, learn how to find life in death, train their bravery for a future king.

If the lion does not come up, Its parents will not be saved, only standing far away from watching, until the lion’s strength and the exhausting force will come out.

Thanks to that, even though it was difficult and even dangerous at the end, lions still showed their superiority compared to other animals, along with their intrigue and strength.

Why do we still raise our children only by the knowledge and skills that forget the most important thing of a successful person later – that is the bravery and spirit to overcome dangerous difficulties in all situations?

We may still force our children to study, still teach them new things, but why we still take them, still bring knowledge to them, and not try to get them to establish themselves as soon as Lion?

They do so for young lions to show their creative abilities in the face of great challenges without the guidance of their parents, letting them ask “why” questions and solving them.

Many times we often help, support our children too much in learning and work without leaving them free to create, free to create their own identity and too dependent on our teaching .

From there we will only be able to create our “copies” that cannot fully develop the child’s creative ability. It should be understood that, sometimes our way of doing things is not the best, and we want to make the next generation better, we need to let them develop those creative possibilities.

Lions are a species of high spirit of solidarity, yet they always create wars not only between children, and even male lions in the flock every time they fight for children or paintings. location “leader” of the herd.

They do this to increase the level of competition for their children, so that they understand that life is not simply good friends and good both will survive in the survival war, but my good friends must be better than you and 2 we have to compete with each other for better.

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