Where are aliens

Is there any other civilization outside the earth? If so, what are they like and where? And why haven’t we contacted them yet? This is always a curious and challenging question for people. It is also the subject of many fiction and fiction films.

From that point of view, we try to learn about life on other planets in the universe. Even though the solar system is very large, just in the galaxy we live in there are hundreds of billions of such suns.

But in the observed universe there are hundreds of billions of galaxies. Suppose extraterrestrial civilizations also have a biological structure and live on planets similar to the earth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho người ngoài hành tinh

With such an exponential growth rate, it is hard to imagine in the next few hundred years, what more landmark landmark will invented and put into use.

Having said that, suppose that life on other planets originated billions of years earlier than ours, how big their differences are for us. And if our scientific and technological level is not enough to contact them, then they must be able to contact us.

Even though we have yet to find life elsewhere, I do not believe in the speciality of the earth. In the past, we once thought that the earth was the center of the universe where everything revolved around us.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho người ngoài hành tinh

From another perspective, due to developments in science, technology and economics, people today are faced with unprecedented risks. It seems that humans are embarking on an irreversible cycle of destruction with increasing acceleration.

This leads to the association: all civilizations have destroyed themselves before going to the stage where they can communicate with each other. Perhaps only a few hundred years later, people extinct due to environmental problems.

However, this explanation still puts people in a very special position, or imposes special limits. Therefore, it does not convince people who do not believe in this speciality.

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