Tips for Healthy Eating during Working From Home Days (part 1)

Keeping your nutrition in check is not easy when you are working from home. You feel quite comfortable and there is plenty of food available around you. And unlike in the office, the fridge is all yours and you are free to graze all day. However, this habit can halt your productivity and wreak havoc on your sabotage weight loss. There are suggested tips for healthy eating during these days.

Don’t work in or near the kitchen

The first thing you should do is to set up your desk in an area that is not in or near the kitchen so that you may be tempted to wander and check the fridge if it’s constantly in your vision. Make sure that the only time you come to your kitchen is when you have planned to have a meal or snack. If you find it hard to follow this rule, hang a sign on your fridge to remind yourself that the kitchen must be closed until the next planned meal or snack.

Make sure you actually eat

Once you hit the ground running, it can be hard to take a break to actually eat. However, it is necessary to understand your hunger signs and realize that not eating can affect your productivity and alertness. Moreover, eating throughout the day can prevent you from being too hungry. Set an alarm on your phone in order to remind you to get up and eat something.

Meal prep your lunches

There’s something freeing about consuming whatever you want for your lunch. However, for some people, freedom is too much, particularly in terms of weekday lunches. Therefore, try to meal prep your lunches ahead of time like the way you would on days when you physically go to work. It can be just a bag of grilled chicken precut veggies, nuts, and lettuce. It can be any simple form of meal prep taking out all the guesswork.

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