This life is your mind

I no longer remember where I read that sentence, but it kept haunting me from that day until now. Then every time, my friends and sisters asked me where I got the energy to go through the hardships of life normally as if I had never known what pain was. At times like that, I laughed and told them that I had gone through enough pain in my life so now I can see tomorrow. It’s true, no one says life is easy, but isn’t everyone in us wanting to live such a worthy life?

I met a lot of young people who told me that they were very stuck and could not find a way out in life, they asked me for advice. Advice? I know what to recommend when I myself sometimes turn around in a vicious circle. At such times, I often train myself to learn how to love life.

“Learning to love life”, it is also the only advice I have for those young friends, because I think that only when we love life, will we realize the beautiful colors hidden behind the crowd. Dark clouds once covered our lives. A very simple and easy-to-understand example is that many people in lonely and wandering moments seek out the truth of life.

Suddenly realizing that the wild flowers on the side of the road are beautiful, but often they do not let them I mean. Actually, those flowers have been beautiful until now, but in people who do not know how to feel beauty and love it, they do not care about it. Life is the same, when we love life, we will find that life also loves us.

There was a time when I did not love life. I always find myself filled with sadness, the nostalgia is nowhere, the tears do not stop flowing. But then there was a certain threshold in life, that was when I realized I needed to change. I started to appreciate and love my life more. I came out with trips, meetings, I met good people and also saw many bad guys.


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