The right time of day to practice running

At different times of the day, body temperature and function of the parts will vary, directly affecting running results.

Scientists have found that body temperature is at its lowest in the early morning hours and peaks in the mid to late afternoon. Accordingly, the lungs also work best in the evening.


James Waterhouse – Rhythms Professor of Biology at John Moores University (Liverpool, UK) shared on Runner’s World that exercising too early will be more likely to cause injury or worse. At that time, the body temperature is at its lowest level, the muscles have not started so rigid, the body runs out of energy due to not loading food during sleep.

But that doesn’t mean running early in the morning has no benefits. It helps build mental strength, overcome drowsiness and discomfort in the body. However, you should note the warm up carefully, moving slowly from the exercises.

Middle of the morning

At this time, lung performance and body temperature are improved thanks to a high protein and energy breakfast. If the days of the week are working time, you should only spend the weekend morning to practice. For example, on Saturday mornings, you can practice speeding or hilly road work to increase muscle activity.


Many people often choose to exercise at lunch because there is no other time of the day. This helps the practitioner stay awake, increasing his concentration in the afternoon. But in fact, nearly all vital functions for physical activity like the lungs and body temperature experience a break in the middle of the day, similar to the early morning. Therefore, if you intend to run at noon, you need to start it carefully. If you have other free time, prioritize replacement to help your body get the best rest.

Late afternoon

Most physical activity is done in the mid to late afternoon. This is the time when the body temperature is at its peak, the muscle is the most flexible.

Dr. Boris Medarov of Long Island Medical Center (New York, USA) has researched that lung function is 6% better in the afternoon than at other times. So this is the best time to run if you are trying to train for the upcoming competition.

However, this is a time when many people feel down after a long day at work. But if you try or force yourself to practice, you’ll be surprised at the speed and endurance of your body.

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