The Positive Facts about Sex you Didn’t Know

Facts about sex have become widely known, especially since schools now teach about it at an easier age. However, this isn’t about the things we all learn in school or eventually find out later on, but rather interesting things most don’t know.

The interesting facts about sex below aren’t in any specific order, and it includes details that apply to both men and women. While you might know about some of the things we’ve discovered, you’re sure to learn something about the act that will surprise you!

Infidelity isn’t as Rare as You Think

There is no doubt about it, finding out you are unable to have children is devastating news, especially to those who were really looking forward to becoming parents. Studies have shown that infidelity is actually more common than most people think as 1 in 8 women are unable to get pregnant. Furthermore, around 6% of women in marriages from ages 15 to 44 are unable to get pregnant, even after as much as 12 months of unprotected sex. A further 12% of those women might get pregnant but failed to complete the full term.

Improves Memory for Women

Since blood flows to the hippocampal region of the brain during sex, studies have proven that women actually remember phrases and words better during the act. Of course, the same can be done with aerobic activity, the majority of women are sure to choose sex as the preference.

There are 2 Types of Men: Grower or Shower

Studies have also found that most men are growers, meaning they penis becomes much bigger than it is normally when aroused. In fact, it’s been said that an amazing 79% of men are growers, leaving just 21% as showers. A shower is men whose penises don’t increase much in size while turned on.

The “Red Zone” is a Preference for Some

In our own minds, we might think people consider “that time of the month” as a no-go time for sex, but it’s been proven that many actually prefer sex during this time of the month. It’s believed that the additional lubrication makes it more enjoyable for both sexes. Sure, it comes with some disadvantages and can be rather messy, but many most couples are more than prepared to deal with the disadvantages.

Simultaneous Orgasms aren’t Common at all

The odds of having an orgasm at the same time as your partner is actually very low, especially when considering all the factors. On top of that, only 75% of men in relationships would have regular orgasms while on 30% of women would have the same enjoyment. Therefore, you should consider yourself lucky to have an orgasm with your partner or even have one at all.

Women are More Likely to Cheat on Men with Bigger Packages

We’ve all heard how men can be self-conscious about the size of their packages, but studies have shown that many women actually prefer it that way. In fact, since bigger penises are associated with discomfort during sex, it’s also been proven that women are more likely to cheat on a partner with a “big package” with someone who has a smaller one.

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