The benefits of trees for office workers

In office greenery offers you not only aesthetic value. In fact, research shows that greenery in the office helps to boost mental well-being, excitement and reduce stress. So working quality is also higher. In addition, office greenery or ornamental plants also contribute to purifying air quality.

The transpiration process of greenery reduces the temperature of the room air. Green trees in buildings help maintain and reduce operating costs and contribute to the construction of green buildings.

According to the World Ministry of Agriculture, the presence of greenery in the office creates a humidity that is suitable for human comfort by 30- 60 percent and increases air humidity. On the contrary, when the office’s air humidity is too low, materials such as wood become damaged and cracks appear.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cây xanh trong văn phòng

Choosing natural bonsai products to incorporate into building designs can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20 percent. Trees and ornamental plants in the interior space are a solid return on investment for any company interested. That is the solution of “green building” for sustainable development.

Unifi Network, Connecticut, found conclusions about many of the factors that help manage today’s competitive workplaces, and polls show that two-thirds of Americans prefer a workplace with lots of greenery to them. Highly effective method of promoting employee satisfaction and gardening as a way of relaxing.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cây xanh trong văn phòng

The primary motivation for companies to continue an interior landscape contract is the attitude of employees in the companies. Research data indicates that in order to retain top employees, the workplace must include inspiring employees during off-peak times. So every employee on the table has an ornamental desk to inspire at work.

Most customers or employees think that they find a building with a design that has more luxurious interior and ornamental plants. While with most other interior design options, the indoor greenery system saves money. One of the criteria to evaluate the value of the building is the impressive aesthetic value inherent in the landscape.

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