The amazing effect of eating two bananas everyday

Bananas are expensive in many developed countries. Eating 1-2 bananas everyday can bring at least great effects. Modern studies have also reported that eating a banana a day can help people to live longer. This is also the fruit that is popular among athletes. It deserves to be on the food’s menu every day. There is a famous saying, if you eat a banana everyday , illness will have to be far away from you. This will help you to understand why bananas are so highly rated by nutritionists.

Bananas are always called “happy fruits”, the Dutch researchers have confirmed that bananas can add smiles to the face of each person after eating it.

Bananas have a lot of pantothenic acid and other ingredients, which are considered “happy hormones” of the body, releasing stress, reducing stress, improving concentration, reducing depression, helping to bring happiness and joy. . In addition, eating bananas before bed also has the effect of calming the mood, that helps people sleep better. In a banana, there are plenty of vitamins A, which can maintain the health of the skin and hair effectively.

Bananas have a lot of potassium, but the salt ratio is relatively low, they work by inhibiting the tension of the blood vessels. Bananas are an ideal diet for lowering blood pressure and preventing stroke. American scientists have confirmed that eating two bananas a day for one week can lower blood pressure by 10 percent. If you eat more bananas, the risk of death from stroke is reduced by 40 percent.

Bananas bring a lot of vitamins, which can be very strong antioxidants. People who regularly eat bananas can help their body to enhance immunity. Especially those who have a cold in the winter, they should maintain the habit of eating bananas daily, sure to protect. The body will be protected.

Bananas are the first fruits in the list of foods that can help with many painful conditions. Especially it helps to cure constipation, which many people get sick. Because of its high fiber content, bananas can help stimulate intestinal motility, especially for the elderly. So, if you want to cure constipation and not to develop it, you should eat bananas everyday.


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