Stop cooking live animals

A petition against boiling, cooking dogs, cats … when they are alive has just been broadcast, by Ms. Linda Camac, a social activist in Philadelphia, USA.

This frightening event is happening in China, and now there’s more Korea. Humans in their savage enjoyment have gradually returned to prehistoric times, but in the name of gastronomic culture.

Bringing a living dog, or any animal put into a pot of boiling water, put in a rotary oven, or using a fire to burn a cat alive is not only wrong and blatant – no need to say – then Everyone knows it’s a torture.

Explaining the do reason ’of living animals for food, to have a better appetite is simply to eat an animal with more adrenaline secreted in their fear and pain. ‘Taste’ cannot be an excuse for such a brutal cruelty, nor can it be a kind of ‘culinary culture’.

China is making steps into the position of a leading country in the world, and the country should also consider the types of culinary methods recognized. This is a statement with respect: China, and Korea will be viewed as the backward nations left in the civilized world.

Any animal that was put into a pot of boiling water, while still alive, obviously fearless, unimaginable pain, they were desperate and suffered a slow and prolonged death. Animals are in the food processing system, at least need a most humane death.

We deeply apologize to the supporters of signing the petition because of this frightening photo – but this story needs to be known, but the economy has gone beyond the description language – We are obliged to make and remind people to be aware that they should not travel to these countries and spend money there.

China’s tourism industry has a lot of advertising on television to attract visitors – we can also write to the Ministry of Tourism of China and tell them why we didn’t visit. The most terrible torture of animals should be banned!

The feeling is hard to describe when imagining thousands of dogs, cats and other mammals suffering from human cruelty. Clear life is not a gift given to all species by God.

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