Six tips to lose weight before participating in powerlifting events (part 1)

If you are going to take part in a powerlifting event, here are six tips to facilitate rapid weight loss and allow you to make weight. You should follow just few of these tips as possible to help you achieve weight since the more tips you apply, the more likely that your performance is going to suffer.

Water Intake

One of the most key factors composing our body weight is fluid intake and balance. If you reduce fluid intake and balance, you can drop a great amount of weight. However, if you want to reduce water intake, you should start by actually increasing water intake.

Water loading involves increasing the amount of water intake to the point that you are overhydrated, which causes the body to react and as a result, it will start to excrete fluid at a faster speed.

When you have reached this point, you will then want to reduce fluid intake. This period will make you to expel a lot of water in spite of not drinking much. Therefore, water weight reducing significantly will impact your body’s total weight.

Ensure that you must have well maintained good hydration levels before starting water loading to be effective.


In terms of hydration and fluid balance, dehydration is a tactic popularly used to help lifters hit a specific weight, which will cause a significant reduction in water weight. 

The next step, you have to be aware that this is an unsafe method since it often includes combining extreme temperatures and restrictions on fluid intake. If you decide to undertake this method, it is vital to be supervised and take the necessary precautions.

This method is unpleasant. You can choose other ways of inducing dehydration, such as exercise, saunas, hot baths, wrapping up, and steam rooms. Keep in mind that anything causing the body to sweat and expel water will eventually result in dehydration.

It is also necessary to check your weight and log progress throughout to make sure that you are on track to make weight at the same time not losing too much.

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