Six details to make your outfit look sporty

If you want your outfit to say sporty, look for details that hint at athletics and outdoor activities, from basketball, tennis, skiing, hunting, gardening, boating, biking, golf, hiking, and swimming, to anything that takes you outdoors. It can be anything that suggests you are active. Keep reading to find the six details to make your outfit look sporty.

Outerwear: In terms of outerwear, items such as utility jackets, utility vests, bomber jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets, denim vests, puffer vests, puffer jackets, and hoodies are an easy layer to add a sporty vibe. With puffer vests and jackets, the key is to get the super slim ones. To keep your layers chic and classic but not frumpy, ensure your layers are thin with a tailored fit and some stretch when possible.

Hoodies: When it comes to hoodies, don’t have to be frumpy and oversized. They can be quite chic if you get them so they are fitted. You can add a slim puffer vest or other layer without feeling smothered.

Pants: For pants, the number one option may be jeans, but you should also try other items such as jogger style pants, leggings, cargo pants, and chinos. You can wear any pants if they have a little stretch.

Shirts: To have a sporty outfit, you can choose t-shirts, golf shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, button ups, henleys, almost anything as long as you get the details right.

Hats: Hats like ball caps, baker boy caps, trucker hats, and beanies will save you on bad hair days. They will also actually make you look more sporty, which is the best kind of trick.

Details on clothes: Details on clothes such as thumb holes on sweatshirts, pockets, every thing that hints at an athletic uniform or letterman jacket like sleeve stripes, raglan sleeves, numbers, or other graphics. Rolling your sleeves or pushing them up will suggest that you are ready to get to work.

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