Rebellious syndrome, giddy at adolescence

One of the problems of the most recently mentioned teenage age is the trend of rebellion and demanding. The image of the children going to school in torn jeans, a revealing shirt in a fashion, a strange style of hair dyed in all colors, or the videos of white and faded coats of smoke, drunkenness and alcohol caused many worries for parents.

However, like other stages of development, this is a challenge for parents to grasp the psychology of children and offer appropriate solutions to limit the risk of unfortunate consequences. Today’s article will help you find the cause and solve this age-old racing syndrome effectively.

Most children in this age group start to think independently and always want to show their personal selves. Therefore, more than ever, they need parents’ attention and sympathy.

Although the family has economic conditions, but if parents keep busy with their business, their children will easily neglect their studies, often gathering friends to play. Because children are looking for attention and interest from others when they do not receive full love in their own families.

In addition to the efforts of myself and my family in recognizing and changing our behavior, a suitable learning environment is also valuable for me to practice self-discipline. If children feel that the school rules are too rigid, they will feel tired and want to rebel. Even children who “lead” are praised and admired by their friends.

In order to avoid this situation, you must let me feel my love, so that I always remember what is the real home, and who really cares about who I am. Ask your children often when you are planning to buy something, indirectly letting them know you have a certain role in the house. At the same time, you can also actively create fun activities for your family every weekend to increase the emotional bond with your children.

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