People need to reconnect with nature

Recent surveys have found a worrying situation that urban people are gradually losing their connection to nature.

A fact worth pondering is that humans can feel extremely hurt when they see the animals locked up in a small concrete cage. But we not do to realize that their lives are also gloomy. Equally so!

We are trapped in crowded, stifling urban areas, inhaling toxic emissions when driving on the road. And we spend hours wasting time due to traffic jams or traffic congestion during high hours point. So what’s the difference with the poor animals?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Con người thiên nhiên

Humans are also living things, so being in the natural world is vital, but we seem to be forgetting that.

It is said that animals in a zoo know nothing else. Therefore, it does not matter whether they are connected with nature or not.

If we keep this way of thinking, sooner or later, people will receive the same judgment. This is also a bad signal warning a bleak future of efforts to conserve nature and wildlife.

The relationship between humans and flora and fauna is the impetus for people to protect nature. It will be difficult to inspire an individual to be inspired to protect something if he or she doesn’t understand or love it. whether we realize it or not, we can survive thanks to the earth’s natural system – and not respecting nature is foolish.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Increasing your time in nature will help improve behavioral disorders. Nature also gives adolescents the inferiority complex the opportunity to prove themselves and build self-esteem.

Nature provides relaxation for stressed adults; Nature provides entertainment for active children. And nature helps increase morale, reduce depression, treat drowsiness and lower blood pressure …

Let yourself allow yourself time to participate in meaningful outdoor activities. Do not think that when you have time to go out, consider it a top priority, especially when outdoor activities involving children.

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