This life is your mind

I no longer remember where I read that sentence, but it kept haunting me from that day until now. Then every time, my friends and sisters asked me where I got the energy to go through the hardships of life normally as if I had never known what pain was. At times like that, I […]

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Cholesterol: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Cholesterol has received the “silent killer” label as there aren’t many signs of an imbalance. However, it’s actually very natural as our bodies are responsible for 75% of the cholesterol in our blood. The remaining 25% is made up from the foods we eat that’s only seen in animal products we consume. Cholesterol becomes a […]

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Foods Known to Cause Cancer

Cancer studies reveal various causes that have to be understood before it can be effective. Those who know a thing or 2 about the disease already understand factors such as obesity, smoking, radiation, chemicals and others appear at the top of the list for cancer causes. While the above mentioned are the riskiest, cancer spreads […]

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