Talk about life

When people were born, they had to make a cry of birth, and no one would laugh. Strange nature but it must have its reason. That is the reason, it perhaps: human beings are suffering. A very profound oriental philosopher, Buddha, 2,500 years ago analyzed the logic of the cause of suffering. When I was […]

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Stop cooking live animals

A petition against boiling, cooking dogs, cats … when they are alive has just been broadcast, by Ms. Linda Camac, a social activist in Philadelphia, USA. This frightening event is happening in China, and now there’s more Korea. Humans in their savage enjoyment have gradually returned to prehistoric times, but in the name of gastronomic […]

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The importance of books in life

The book is a source of endless knowledge of mankind and has a direct impact on human life. Therefore, understand the importance of the book, so everyone has kept and lifted those values. Society is increasingly evolving, the appearance of social networking, information technology makes human beings increasingly changing. However, the importance of the book […]

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The cohesion Love & Marriage

Most of us are afraid of old age, every new year we have new age. We strive in despair to be younger. But we forget, our age will get the intellectual compensation, born of our accumulated experiences. Over the age of 30, going through many stages of my life I am more concerned about how […]

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