Life is so simple, but not everyone knows that

We are all passersby of life. There are a lot of things we can’t do, so let things happen naturally. Life is like a game. If you want to become a winner, you must have the main rules of this game in hand. Otherwise, you will always feel this life is unfair to you.

So far, people have often conceived: life is inherently unfair and consoling itself that it must be used gradually. The same is true, except for outstanding talented people, ordinary people like us who struggle with life’s difficulties every day. So, people often feel that this life is unfair.

Never confidently saying that, you don’t need to compete to live like today. You are still trying to study well to get a high score, you are still working hard to earn extra income or you are still trying to make an impression with that silly friend. If you still think this is not a competition, then you are simply removed from this game. Every human need will start the “racetrack”. And victory will only be for those who actually fight for it.

This society often evaluates people based on what they can do for others. You may not like to hear this: You will be judged on what you can do and the number of people who benefit from what you do. If you don’t accept this bitter truth, you always find the world unfair to you.

People like to set moral standards. That’s why we need referees in competition or judges in court. We always identify right and wrong in every situation, and hope the world will follow. Parents and teachers also taught us that from a young age.

Why is life unfair? That’s because we don’t define the concept of fairness properly. We are covering fairness with dreamy thoughts: “I wish I could be like them”.

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