Let’s learn culinary delights with delicious dishes from eggs in the world


Eggs are familiar food in the kitchen of families. That is also the favorite food of many people. So What kind of dish from eggs in the world for us to learn to make?

Huevos Divorciados is a dish originating from farms in rural Mexico. Each Huevos Divorciados dish consists of two crushed eggs accompanied by two different sauces: Salsa rojo (red sauce) and salsa verde (blue sauce). This eggs food is very nice and colorful. Mexicans eat it with tortilla. It is similar to Vietnamese rice paper.

Quiche Lorraine is a dish made from eggs in France. It is said to be a well-known dish from the “paradise of bread”. Quiche is a tart, and Lorraine is the land of France too. This cakes consist of ingredients that are easy to find such as smoked ham, eggs, cheese, onions, tomatoes … People in here have made the best classic French Quiche Lorraine. The outside of this cake is very crispy and fatty.

Shakshuka Originating is known from Tunisia. This egg dish is quite well known in Middle Eastern culture. Shakshuka is usually served to eat in a wide circular iron pan mouth. Then parsley and cheese are topped over and they eat those with bread. Making this dish is very simple.

They fried onion and bell peppers that were chopped square. Then they add the tomatoes to the boil, finally beat the eggs in the pan and enjoy. The people here are extremely interested in this dish because of the fatty taste of eggs. The eggs are not cooked yet. So it makes the fatter taste more difference  from other dishes here.

Shakshuka Originating is the perfect choice for a quick breakfast. Of course people can also be served to meal as lunch or dinner if using it with grilling meat.


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