Joining to protect the environment is the responsibility of the community

The environment includes all factors of infertility and biology that affect, directly or indirectly, on human health and life. The environment provides us with a space to live, to provide resources for production and to store waste.

Can you see, even in any age, the environment is very important to people. There is a close relationship between the environment and development: the environment is the locality and the object of development, and development is the cause of environmental changes.

Currently, the environment is a hot issue of all humanity. Have you noticed that the climate is getting tougher and more unpredictable, erratic flash floods and storms, land and water degradation, forest resource depletion, widespread environmental pollution …

Those are environmental issues that all humanity has been facing. People have too much impact on the environment, exploiting to the extent of depleting resources, discharging many toxins to make the environment no longer able to biodegrade.

Protecting the environment is the protection of our lives. The Government has issued a series of legal documents on environmental protection to handle and deter organizations and individuals who commit acts of harming the environment, and waste treatment and inventing technologies. Science was born to minimize environmental impacts. What about you, have you ever wondered, “What have I done to protect the environment and fight climate change?”.

Do not think that protecting the environment is to research a building, a modern machinery or that is the work of experts, engineers or law but with small and specific actions Every day, we also contribute positively to environmental protection.

In my opinion, the first thing that contributes to protecting the environment is to raise awareness for people to understand, know, and act for the environment with us. Only with the right perception, the right mindset acts rightly, and each small action will contribute a large part to the formation of a more civilized and responsible environment.

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