Interesting facts about christmas holidays

At Christmas, we will often gather with family or have fun with friends. But do you really understand Christmas? Let’s find out some interesting facts about Christmas!

Christmas is understood as the anniversary of the birth of God – the birthday of God. We always think that Christmas is on the 24th and the 25th of December because it is the birthday of the Lord. But anyone doesn’t know the truth behind the selection of this day.

Believers must operate in an illegal way. And at that time, the Sun God was highly respected, the 25th day of the ritual sacrifice of the Sun God. In the US and most of Europe, Christmas is considered the biggest holiday of the year.


In these countries, Christmas has a holiday that lasts until the end of the New Year. Christmas is considered the biggest holiday of the year in the above countries.

The strange thing about the world’s largest Christmas tree is that it is not made from a “real” fir tree but decorated on a hill. It is decorated with glittering lights in the shape of a Christmas tree.

It is located on the hillside of Monte Ingino, Italy. This tree was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest Christmas tree in the world in 1991.

This tree is located in the main lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel – Abu Dhabi. It has a height of 13m and is decorated with 181 diamonds, emeralds, pearls and many other precious stones. Statistics of pine trees value up to 11.4 million USD.


Originally, the song was originally composed for Thanksgiving, but was mistaken for Christmas music. Because the song was accidentally performed on the night of December 24 – Christmas, Jingle has since been associated with the birth of the Lord.

Jingle bells is also the first song to be sung in space. The song was performed by the crew of the Gemini 6 crew. They joked with the earth control tower that they saw Santa riding the spacecraft. And they played Jingle Bells with the Harmonica and transmitted it from outer space to Earth.

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