How to wear good gloves for babies

Wearing baby good gloves and leg covers is something most moms do, no matter where the baby is born.

Parents can give many reasons when asked “Why are you wearing gloves for babies?”. For example, to keep children warm, to keep their hands from being scratched, to restrict their biting of nails or to simply follow the parenting experience their parents convey.

But whether the view is completely correct? Is wearing gloves for children really true and beneficial to the health of the baby?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bao tay trẻ sơ sinh

Infant gloves are a type of glove that covers all fingers together. They differ from normal gloves, covering the fingers separately. This design is suitable for the characteristics of the baby’s hand at birth, when the fingers are not moving well together.

When a baby is born, if you pay attention, parents will see that the baby’s hands are quite blue and cold, and the baby’s skin is also very fragile, easily scratched. In addition, the fact that their nails grow longer also makes parents worried about the baby being able to hurt himself.

After a few months, when the child’s circulatory system is fully developed, this phenomenon will disappear. That is why some hospitals now discourage parents from wearing gloves for babies.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

About preventing your baby from scratching themselves, you do not need to worry too much. Because babies are mostly cared for by the mother, paying close attention to, rarely playing alone.

You only need to trim your child’s nails often with specialized nail clippers for babies. Dr Natalie Epton, a pediatrician once said: “Gloves are very useful for the first few days to a few weeks to prevent the baby from scratching their face. But finally, what you need to do is cut your baby’s nails.”

According to the above opinion, wearing infant gloves may not seem really necessary, but you also need to base on the weather situation to decide whether your baby wear gloves or not.

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