Gentle bergamot perfume is fresh and cool for summer day

The fresh, gentle and elegant scent from orange flavor is always the most popular girl. With sweet and refreshing scent along with the subtlety of bergamot, it will definitely give you a relaxed spirit and a long active day.

Perfume bottle with the outstanding fragrance of gentle and sweet Bergamot from Bvlgari brand. As soon as you spray on you will immediately see the orange fragrance of this perfume bottle. Bvlgari Divina is a skillful combination of Bergamot and magnolia.

The fragrance from Bvlgari Divina night comes to you perfection, a great overall. That scent makes your soul most relaxing and comfortable. This is definitely an indispensable choice for this summer.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nước hoa hương cam bergamot nhẹ nhàng tươi mát cho ngày hè

A noble aroma, elegance, charisma and even sophistication will surely be a great choice for you. Gucci Bamboo brings together all the elements of modern women, bringing a spirit of freshness and always flowing with the rhythm of time.

The aristocratic and fresh aroma is in a wonderful combination of ingredients. The freshness of orange combined with the softness and femininity of ylang ylang flowers, lily casablance at the top floor gives you a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

Until the base is where sandalwood, vanilla tahitian and amber are shown. All combine into one to bring elegance and nobility to its owner. Along with that, do not forget the fresh fragrance of bergamot for summer days becomes more wonderful and meaningful.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nước hoa hương cam bergamot nhẹ nhàng tươi mát cho ngày hè

The fresh, gentle and pure fragrance of Versace Yellow Daimond certainly you will not want to refuse. The scent also adds charm and attraction to you, helping you shine more than ever. Versace Yellow Diamond is a great combination between fragrance layers to bring a perfect overall.

Top notes are refreshing notes of lemon, bergamot, pear and neroli. Finally, the most delicate deposition of musk, amber, and guaiac wood helps keep the base incense longer. Versace Yellow Daimond is suitable for a strong and dynamic style, but still shows its elegance and sophistication. This is a very precious gift from the passion and enthusiasm for you.

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