Foods Known to Cause Cancer

Cancer studies reveal various causes that have to be understood before it can be effective. Those who know a thing or 2 about the disease already understand factors such as obesity, smoking, radiation, chemicals and others appear at the top of the list for cancer causes.

While the above mentioned are the riskiest, cancer spreads through various other substances consumed daily. Of course, we’re referring to foods that have been modified for cheaper prices, convince and taste among other things. While these modifications might make it easier, there’s no denying the effect on our bodies.

Here are some of the foods to avoid and cut your chance of cancer in half:

Refined Sugars

Possibly the most dangerous food substance to consume these days is sugar. Not only does it link to obesity (another major factor), but the high-fructose syrup is known to spur on the growth of cancer cells. Studies have shown that white sugars are the most dangerous, but even brown sugars contain too much fructose to be considered a healthy option, especially since molecular gets added back to the sugar for additional flavour.

Brown sugar has become known as a substitute, but if you’d want to be safe and avoid the risk completely, consider natural options, including maple sugar, organic honey and coconut sugar. Remember to avoid foods with high sugar contents, including cold drinks such as Coco-Cola, Fanta and other high-sugar fizzy drinks.


Genetically modified foods are to be avoided when at all possible as these modifications formed part of our foods before proper testing was passed. Therefore, there’s no telling what effects it could have on humanity in the long run. Over the last few years, GMOs became a direct link to cancer causing foods, especially with soy and corn, of which 90% are modified.
Avoiding GMO foods is possible as manufacturers need to stipulate whether modifications were used. Therefore, to avoid these foods, look for the “GMO-free” stickers or simply read through the contents of the item to ensure no modifications are mentioned. To be 100% sure, simply take nothing but organic foods into consideration.

Microwave Popcorn

A shock for most, but Microwave popular is linked directly to lunch cancer. The contents of these convent and fast ways of making popcorn should raise concern on all levels, not just the things relating to cancer. From the bag it likely bleeds into the GMO butters, everything about microwave popcorn is seemingly harmful. In fact, the butter flavouring is artificial and releases diacetyl when heated, making it not only unhealthy but toxic to humans.

Regular popcorn doesn’t have the same traces mentioned above, making it the ideal substitute to avoid being exposed to cancer causing foods. It might take a little longer and make a bit more of a mess, but it’s a small price to pay when considering the benefits.

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