Emotion with the loyal dog “returned” to the owner after 11 years of waiting

The faithful dog Capitan has just died in his master’s sleep after 11 years of waiting for the reunion. Since Capitan’s owner left, the dog has been sleeping by the grave every night. The story of loyal dog was mentioned by news magazines around the world. Now, when the moment is over, Capitan leaves peacefully and is reunited with the owner he loves, ending the life of a faithful dog who has touched tears so many people in the world.

Capitan was bought by his boss Miguel Guzman when he was 4 years old. In 2006, Miguel died in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina. After that, the Capitan disappeared, making the whole family not understand what happened to him.

A few months later, during a visit to the cemetery, Mr. Miguel’s family met Capitan again. To the astonishment and awe of the whole family, those who lived around the cemetery to tell them the story of Capitan all these months, that the dog was on the grave of the owner who did not leave and every night lay sleeping by the grave master.

The people living there were very touched by the loyalty of the dog of love, and every day they brought food to Capitan. Since then, Capitan considers the cemetery to be his new home, until a few days ago, the now-old Capitan (15 years old) took his last breath. Capitan’s departure was mentioned by local and international news sheets.

His family, Miguel Guzman, has taken Capitan home several times, but the dog always escapes to get back to the cemetery, returning to the grave of the owner who bought him and taking care of him until he passes. life
What makes the Guzman family the most amazing is that the cemetery is far away from their home and Capitan has never visited his master’s tomb before he suddenly disappears from the Guzman family’s house.

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