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Compared to the English-speaking world, Japanese blog style is much different. According to Technorati, an internet search engine that specializes in blogs, even though the number of English speakers is higher than that of Japanese speakers at 5-1. The number of blogs written in Japanese is more than English.

It is estimated that up to 40% of Japanese blogs are made on mobile phones. Most of them are monthly subway riders, who stare at tiny screens for hours and blog.

Despite this, blogs in Japan are “softer” than Americans and the rest of the English-speaking world. Japanese bloggers often stay away from politics and thorny language. They also rarely flatter themselves.

While Americans blog to stand out, Japanese bloggers talk about small things, like cats and flowers, bicycles and breakfasts, cell phones and TV stars. They write shorter than Americans, often anonymously and write more often.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho người nhật

“Attitude is more important than technology,” said Joichi Ito, a Technorati member and an expert on how people around the world use the Internet. “In Japan, society still has not accepted the pursuit of popularity.”

An interesting finding by Technorati is that of all blogs published in the fourth quarter of 2006, 37% were written in Japanese, 36% in English, 8% in Chinese, and the rest in Chinese. other languages.

These figures do not startle any Japanese. They often use PCs, mobile phones to access the web and a high-speed Internet network everywhere to blog wherever.

About 300 people often read her blog, most of them friends. They rarely comment or comment on the post, although Kenetsuna sometimes wants feedback. However, Kenetsuna does not want to incite readers or hurt feedback. “Because there may be people I don’t know who read my blog. I have to be careful when I speak out my inner thoughts. I don’t want to be criticized for what I write. ” And to keep it secret, Kenetsuna’s blog is kept anonymous.

The above did not surprise Robert Pickard, North Asia director of community relations firm Edelman. Edelman collaborated with Technorati to conduct a survey on the attitude of Japanese bloggers with English-speaking bloggers. They found that Japanese and English bloggers have different motivations when blogging.

About 40% of English bloggers say their main goal is to “improve individuals in their own domain”. Only 5% of Japanese bloggers say that is their main goal when blogging. Instead, they blog to record the thoughts and information they have gathered.

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