Cholesterol: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Cholesterol has received the “silent killer” label as there aren’t many signs of an imbalance. However, it’s actually very natural as our bodies are responsible for 75% of the cholesterol in our blood. The remaining 25% is made up from the foods we eat that’s only seen in animal products we consume.

Cholesterol becomes a problem when it’s out of balance, leading to the “silent killer” facts that it’s become known for. However, it’s not like we can’t control it, it simply takes focus on what you consume and how much of a particular “bad food” you consume on a regular basis. There are also many foods to consider with higher levels of cholesterol, helping you maintain a healthy balance and avoid heart diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

Before getting into the list of foods to eat and avoid, it’s important to mention that avoiding cigarette smoke, exercising regularly and following a healthy diet is already a major step in the right direction to lowering cholesterol.

Healthy Cholesterol Foods

Oatmeal is the first and most recommended food for lowering cholesterol, thanks to a couple of grams of fibre. It’s recommended to consume at least 20 grams of fibre in a day, which is why the best way to get the day started is with oatmeal, slices of banana and even some strawberry.

Beans are yet another great addition to any diet for higher soluble fibre intakes, and since the body takes longer to digest these, it makes it feel fuller for longer while benefiting from the contents. Beans are available in various forms, allowing different meal styles that go with just about everything. It’s a great addition for weight-loss as well, thanks to making you feel fuller for longer.

Fish has to be one of the best additions to any diet, especially for those seeking a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, have more energy and many other benefits. Consuming a juicy portion of fish 2 to 3 times a weak is sure to present great advantages as you wouldn’t be eating the cholesterol-causing meats in the first place and it’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, especially with fatty fish such as salmon.

Soybeans have been known to be one of the best ways to lower cholesterol, but studies have recently revealed that it’s not as good as everyone thought. However, it’s still a great addition to a diet, especially if you’re a fan of soy milk. Consuming enough of it in a day can decrease cholesterol by as much as 6%, which in combination with other foods is a great way to a healthier heart.

Foods to Avoid

As some would say, “all the yummy foods are to be avoided”, but it’s not really the case. The foods to avoid for high cholesterol includes trans and saturated fats that are commonly found in foods such as dairy products, eggs, certain oils, butter, pastries and more.

Eating these foods would depend on your risk with cholesterol, but if you’re not at risk and follow a healthy diet the rest of a time, a treat from time to time wouldn’t be the worst thing you can do.

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