Canada leads the world in quality of life

In the U.S. survey News & World Report in 2018, Canada is the second most livable country in the world and a leader in quality of life. This is a survey conducted by U.S.

In the US News & World Report, the poll conducted a ranking of 80 countries based on various categories. More than 21,000 people from around the world participated in the survey.

Canada is the leading country in terms of quality of life, above Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Australia, almost standing alongside Canada is Switzerland. This is the third consecutive year that Canada has ranked first in terms of quality of life.

Quality of life is assessed based on the job market, living standards, economic stability, income equality, political stability, security, growth and the public health system. Deirdre McPhillips, the data editor for the survey, said that these categories are factors to describe a country and factors related to the prosperity of a country.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho canada

Canada received 10 overall points in the job market, political stability and security categories. At the same time, Canada also gets an absolute score of 9.9 points on the public health and education system.

Canada is also ranked fourth in nationality, scoring 9.0 or higher in the category of trustworthiness, progress, gender equality, religious freedom, human rights care and respect for property rights.

In a number of other rankings within the survey, Canada is considered the second most transparent country in the world and ranked third in the field of education.

For students who have never been to Canada, the country has always been a land of snow and hockey. They will witness something completely different when they come here.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho canada

The northern lands are associated with polar bears, and there are other great seasons outside of winter in Canada. Hockey is a national sport, but there are thousands of other sports and activities to choose from – activities on the sunny shores, near large lakes, or right in the heart of cities. modern bustle.

Canada is a land of diversity, a combination of urban landscape, abundant nature and unspoiled areas. The country is peaceful but also very interesting; stable but still inspiring discovery. Canada stands out with the most cutting-edge technology, but inspiring cultural icons, and a vibrant community that opens the door to everyone. Canadians are modern, hospitable and open people.

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